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Selling your home is an exciting event. It's usually part of a bigger series of events that mark a major change in your life. The process can be a pleasant one if preparations are made in advance.

The two most important things a seller should keep in mind while trying to get the house ready for the market are:

First impressions count!
The approach and entrance to the house immediately create an idea in the buyer's head of how well the property has been kept.

Remove clutter
You want the buyer to see the house and not your "stuff". This does not mean that you should remove all family pictures and such. Buyers want to buy a house from someone who has enjoyed and taken good care of their home.

Other helpful ideas are:

Make rooms as light-filled as possible
This means pulling curtains or blinds away from the windows. Washing the windows is also a good idea..

Clean out closets
Jammed closets mean a lack of storage space.

Be conscious of animal smells
Clean out litter boxes regularly. Vacuum pet hair from carpets and furniture.

Check walls and moldings for finger prints
While no one expects a sterile house, keeping surfaces clean will convey a sense of cleanliness throughout the home.

There are a number of items that you must provide to the buyer before he/she will make an offer on your house. It's not required to have all of these in place before the first showing, but it's certainly a good idea:

Title V
If the property is on a septic system, the Seller must provide a passing Title V and possibly an acceptable water test at closing.

Smoke and CO Detector Certificate
The Seller is responsible for a Smoke and CO Detector Certificate at closing. The detectors are inspected by your local fire department, which will issue you the certificate.

The Seller is responsible for providing the Deed to the property.

Tax Stamps
The Seller is responsible for tax stamps at closing.

Property Tax Adjustment
There is usually a tax adjustment that will be handled by the closing attorney.

Once you've prepared your house for sale, it is now ready to be shown. A showing is always done with at least one real estate agent present. Here's what to expect:

The office will call you first to set up an appointment
We will try to contact you prior to arriving with a prospective buyer. This will give you a chance to straighten things up before we arrive.

Make the showing happen
It's important that you have as many showings as possible. Even if your house isn't right for this buyer, two very good things can happen: The Buyer's agent may not have seen your house before and may have someone else in mind that it will suite. Or the Buyer may know someone else who is looking for a house and can recommend yours.

Leave the property if at all possible
You want the buyers to think of themselves as owners.
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If you do happen to meet the potential buyer... pleasant but try not to engage in conversation about the property. Leave that to the Brokers. That is what you hire us to do.

"Learn from the mistakes of others. You can't live long enough to make them all yourself." - Eleanor Roosevelt

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